On Wednesday the 11th of January, 2017, Actress Amy Adams was awarded for her incredible acting with her very own Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.

The 42 year old actress arrived in an elegant figure hugging black dress cut off at the knee; she arrived with husband Darren Le Gallo and 6 year old daughter Ariana.

This was the 2,598th star to join the Hollywood Walk of Fame; Adams was presented the awarded via CEO and President, Leron Gubler.


Wednesday morning TMZ delivered some pretty interesting images of singers; Selena Gomez 24 and The WEEKND lead singer Abel Tesfaye 26.

The two were spotted Tuesday night at the Santa Monica Italian restaurant, Giorgio Baldi. Where Gomez was seen with her arms around Tesfaye and in another image it shows quiet clearly the two singers kissing.

Selena has not publicly dated since Justin Bieber.

However The Weeknd singer only recently broke up with model, Bella Hadid in November 2016.

This new love interest of Selena’s as fans a little shocked considering Selena refers to Hadid as a close friend.

But we’re pretty sure that friendship is well and truly over as Bella Hadid unfollowed Selena on Instagram soon after the images were leaked online.

Hadid has not yet voiced herself about the issue just yet.


Iggy Azalea, 26 year old Australian rapper recently revealed that she had gone under the knife in 2015 to increase her cleavage.

The rapper has not since hidden her admiration for her plastic surgeon, Doctor Ashkan Ghavami who performed not only her boob job but also redefined her nose.

On the 27th of November, Azalea took to Instagram to wish her favourite surgeon a Happy Birthday where she called him.

“Hilarious as hell, talented, eclectic, a progressive thinker and someone who supports women in their choice to do what they want with their OWN bodies…. I’m proud to call you my friend.”

Ghavami replied to the post a thank you with him thanking her for the gift the singer had sent to him. A photo of herself topless which was taken by photographer Nick Munoz for GQ Australia.

One of only two copies, no more where released as the image did not make the cut.


Kim Kardashian-West was seen in LAX with brother in law Scott Disick, who were both heading to Dubai on Thursday.

The star was seen wearing a comfortable velour black and red striped tracksuit, sheer black top and lace up booties glammed up with over sized glasses and a lip ring.

During October, 2016. The Keeping up with the Kardashians star was the victim to a robbery in her Paris home, where she was bound with cable ties and duct tape.

Kardashian will be making her first public appearance to support long time friend and makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic at his Master class exclusive make-up orientated event.

Which was originally scheduled for October the 14th, 2016 however was respectively rescheduled after the Paris heist.

The star shared snippets of the flight via Snapchat which also informed her followers that her dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian tagging along.


It is safe to say 2017 has not created the easiest beginning for 24 year old actress Billie Lourd.

With the death of her mother Star Wars veteran Carrie Fisher who passed away from a heart attack, to then also lose her grandmother Debbie Reynolds who soon passed away from a stroke.

The Scream Queens actress, social media accounts over the past fortnight has received love from famous stars, family and fans.  The star has posted a touching throwback image of her and her mother, she expressed:

“If my life weren’t funny, then it would just be true and that is unaccepted finding the funny might take a while but I learned from the best and her voice will forever be in my head and in my heart”

 Lourd is currently taking a breather with boyfriend and Scream Queens co-star Taylor Lautner where they are currently re-grouping in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


Just two weeks after Mariah Carey’s disastrous New Years Eve performance, images have circulated the net.

The image shows the singers Hall of fame star found on Hollywood Boulevard, has been graffitied. Mariah Carey?  

The image wast first uploaded via Instagram user @Sirenofla who posted the image with the caption My first graffiti ever and it was totally worth it! The account has since been deleted. 

Ana Martinez, from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has informed the media that the Los Angeles police have been notified of the incident, and are currently reviewing CCTV footage. 

The culprit if found could possibly be charged with the felony vandalism with the cleaning bill reaching over AU$2000. 

“I haven’t really addressed the situation that happened on New Years Eve and in time, I will but for now, I want every one to know that I came to New Years Eve in New York in great spirits and was looking forward to a celebratory moment with the world”. 

Carey has since taken a break from social media since her NYE ‘performance’ 



Ed Sheeran, singer, 25 early this week has revealed he struggled to stay in shape once X Tour wrapped up in December, 2015.

“My diet was pizza and beer, but because I was doing two hours a night I was really in shape”.

With a diet consisting of mainly; pizza, beer and no exercise it’s not so surprising that the singer gained 23 kilograms during the past year.

“I stopped touring and carried on my diet of pizza and beer. Suddenly I didn’t fit in anything”.

However if you were to look at Sheeran today there’s no way one could tell he once weighed 95 kilograms, with the help from 24 year old Hockey Star girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn.

Who has helped the singer, shred the 23 kilograms of beer and pizza.

“I did ten minutes a day without fail. – intervals of 30 seconds sprinting and 30 seconds of jogging.”

Despite his current exercise routine, Sheeran plans to build a pub in the garden of his Suffolk on East Coast of England.

“I love the simple country life – going to the pub ale. I’ll put my awards in there.”

Sheeran is set to make chart history this month with both of his singles at number 1 and number 2.


Melissa Gorga opened the doors of her relatively new fashion boutique ‘Envy’ during the latest season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, where we saw her team up with business partner, Jackie Beard Robinson.

“Melissa Gorga is and has always been an owner of the Envy by Melissa Gorga  boutique” The Bravo’s stars rep confirmed. “Melissa and Jackkie have had a difference of opinion on how the store should be run and at this point Jackie is no longer involved in managing the boutique, but Melissa intends to maintain the success of the boutique by managing on it her own, and she is excited to open with a new inventory of Spring fashions.”

However rumour has it that Jackie took The Envy’s inventory and took it to another boutique one many fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, should be familiar with…..