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The duo became close friends over three years ago, where they bonded over their love for jazz music.

The two unlikely pair released a jazz album Cheek to Cheek in late 2014.

Taking a step off the stage this time round, Tony joined the audience to watch his good friend Gaga perform her show stopping set for her latest album Joanne.

Attending her show at Citi Field in NYC, the pair seemed very happy to be reunited where the 91 jazz singer is seen pulling Gaga in for a hug backstage. Then posing for the camera with a smile and his classic thumbs up.

Gaga showing off her slender frame in a glitzy crop top and ripped shorts, gazing up at her good friend with admiration as they caught up after the show.

Gaga is currently traveling the globe with her Joanne World Tour, where she will head off to Europe in just over two weeks after wrapping up her US dates.

The superstar also recently announced this week that she will not be taking a break anytime soon announcing that she is currently working on her sixth album.

Known for mixing it up a bit during her shows, Gaga revealed that she is not able to perform unreleased songs on this tour.

“This show’s actually extremely complex and complicated and the stage is coded with a computer. It’s intense and the cues all have to be met at a particular time. It’s high stress and tense backstage to make sure everything happens at the exact moment it’s supposed to.

So the set list might change a little bit, but mostly you’re coming to see a piece that we’ve created for you.” the singer adds.


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