Selena Gomez, has been rocking it when it comes to her latest music so far this year with top hits “It Aint Me” and “Bad Liar”.

By the looks of things all over social media the 24-year-old singer is prepping to drop another banger.

Last week Gomez shared three photos on her Instagram account that made up one collage where she is sitting on a gritty suburban street in a yellow dress. With the caption in each image labelled ‘Fetish’ which fans believe is the name of her newest single.

The singer has branched out from her good girl pop singles to a more edgy, angst tone touching on the subjects of alcoholism and cheating.

Fans believed the newest music is linked to the stars split from ex Justin Biever and her stay in rehab last year.

Gomez has definitely on much better footing ground since her days of heartbreak from Bieber.

Showing up to formal events with her beau The Weeknd, she has never seen happier. She is also producing amazing videos for ‘It Aint Me’ and ‘Bad Liar’.


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