Miley Cyrus has permanently shown her vegan pride!

The “Malibu” singer took to Instagram on the weekend to show off her new ink, a stylized sunflower tattoo which happens to be the official logo of vegan food products on the underside of her arm.

“Vegan for life!” the 24-year-old singer captioned along with a heart emoji.

Screenshot (7).png

Cyrus has never shied away when it comes to her beliefs for animal rights and her latest body art fits right in with the rest of her simple black lined tattoos.

In fact the Voice judge also posted another selfie of herself showing off her other various tattoos which cover her arm, and one along her upper ribs.

Captioning the post:

“Bumper stickers all over dis bently #vegan #emu #pablowtheblowfish ecttttt (sic)”

Screenshot (6).png

Here are just some of the reasons the singer has gotten inked in honour of, her dog, her friends, her fiancé; actor Liam Hemsworth, a jar of vegemite in honour of Australia and she also has a tattoo dedicated to her father, singer Billy Ray Cyrus.


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