Still reeling from their wedding in March, James Franco and Alison Brie have just finished filming their new movie The Little Hours.

Their newest movie is a raunchy comedy about three sexually frustrated nuns (Brie, Aubrey Plaza and Kate Micucci) whose lives are turned upside down when an attractive male servant (Franco) arrives at their medieval convent.

The film was shot entirely in Italy and it did not have a script during production.

“It felt exciting to me,” Brie answered at a Q&A after a New York screening. “It felt like what I would imagine ‘70s filmmaking to be; experimental filmmaking.”

It also helped that the actress was starring alongside long time friend, Plaza and husband, Franco.

“I enjoyed it” Franco added. “It was terrifying, though, because there was no script. We were going off of a 28-page outline.”

To add on to the challenge Franco spends a large amount of the film impersonating a deaf-mute.

“That was the thing I was most nervous about going into this” the actor said. “I was scared that in every scene I would be sitting there blank-faced, not doing anything. I don’t know if I succeeded, but hopefully you could read my face and understand what was going on.”

During the Q&A Plaza was asked what it was like to work with her partner, Jeff Baena who is the producer of the films. Simply stating that “it was great” the Parks and Recreation star has starred in all three Baena’s films.

The film was met with positive reviews when it was released at the Sundance Film Festival however was labelled “pure trash” by The Catholic League.

The Little Hours, which also stars notable comedic actors Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly, Fred Armisen and Nick Offerman, is currently playing in selected theatres.


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