What better way to answer the question “how was school?” than by being able to say “Lady Gaga was our substitute teacher for the day”.

Well that is what a lucky group of students from Walter Reed Middle School, were able to say after the Grammy winner rocked up for a PSA for the Staples for Students campaign.

One student just couldn’t believe their luck and questioned whether it really was her to which the singer removed her glasses and confirmed that it is in fact her.

“Everyone can go on about how the world needs to be a better place, that we’re in a very negative time – but this starts in the classroom” says Gaga. “The world becomes better when people are kind.”

So what exactly was her lesson plans? Well, it involved asking the young students to get artistic and draw their future and what they believe it looks like.

As part of the advertisement Staples for Students is not only donating $1 million to Gaga’s foundation that she runs with her mother, Cynthia Germanotta The Born This Way Foundation.

They are also donating another $1 million to in the hopes to promote positivity in school.

Be inspired and watch the advertisement below.



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