Exciting times are ahead for the fans of the American Horror Story Saga, where fans were informed by producer Ryan Murphy.

That the Anthology series two more seasons on top of season 7 which means the saga will still be on air in 2019.

Murphy also revealed to reporters at Television Critics Associations press tour, in Pasadena, California. That he has only just started writing and planning the script for AHS season 7.

It has been confirmed that Emmy winning actress Sarah Paulson and fellow AHS franchise veteran Evan Peters have renewed their contracts.

One reporter at the press tour asked the producer if they will keep the theme a secret like they did with Season 6: Roanoke. The producer teased that they may release more info this time around.

Although there is a possible chance the network will decide to keep the theme a secret, until the season premiered due to the success of the anticipation from season 6 the network are hoping to attract the same attention this time round.

However it is still too early to know for sure as they have only just got the raw sketches so far for the season.

“There are only three people in the world who know what [the new season is about] And that’s FX CEO John Landgraf, [Studio executive] Dana Walden, and Sarah Paulson.” Ryan admits [excluding himself of course].


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