Just two weeks after Mariah Carey’s disastrous New Years Eve performance, images have circulated the net.

The image shows the singers Hall of fame star found on Hollywood Boulevard, has been graffitied. Mariah Carey?  

The image wast first uploaded via Instagram user @Sirenofla who posted the image with the caption My first graffiti ever and it was totally worth it! The account has since been deleted. 

Ana Martinez, from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has informed the media that the Los Angeles police have been notified of the incident, and are currently reviewing CCTV footage. 

The culprit if found could possibly be charged with the felony vandalism with the cleaning bill reaching over AU$2000. 

“I haven’t really addressed the situation that happened on New Years Eve and in time, I will but for now, I want every one to know that I came to New Years Eve in New York in great spirits and was looking forward to a celebratory moment with the world”. 

Carey has since taken a break from social media since her NYE ‘performance’ 



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